Online-AWL with Ben Cormack: Getting „back“ to action

/Online-AWL with Ben Cormack: Getting „back“ to action

Online-AWL with Ben Cormack: Getting „back“ to action

Early bird 29 CHF Standard fee 39 CHF

15. September 2020


20:00 - 22:00

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After Work Lecture, Evidence Based Practice, Painmodulation, Physiotherapie, Rehabilitation

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After Work Lecture, Backpain, painscience, physiotherapy

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The modern clinicians perspective on back pain discussed by Ben Cormack.

You’d like to learn more about long-term success in treating your patients suffering from acute, chronic or recurring back pain? Do you wish to know more about pain science and evidence based interventions in this area? Not just making your patients feel more comfortable but helping them, to get „back“ to their activities and joys? Then you’ve got the right lecture coming up!

What to expect:

  • What do we know about back pain and it’s causes?
  • Some myths about back pain that need to die
  • Key factors that influence recovery
  • Basic exercises to get back to action

Further, Ben Cormack talks about modern approaches on treating back pain in a long run and what it means, to educate your patients properly and enable them to take responsibility for their health and well-being.

Afterwards, you’ll get time to pepper Ben with questions and discuss the subject of back pain.

We’re looking forward to September and wish you a splendid summer! Everyone who is eager to look into this topic should take a look at the video by Ben below: