Suiza – A guest blog by our Mexican guest

//Suiza – A guest blog by our Mexican guest

Suiza – A guest blog by our Mexican guest

To the presents,

since humanity has a sense of reasoning people have been trying to explain everything, questioning anything, and that continuously gives us a clearer way of living, or that’s what we think.

I’m a physical therapy specialist in Mexico, the country where I was born, I have six years of experience in this area. They are a few, but I can presume that by that time, I’ve been trying to search for the comprehension of the body, the mind and in the first instance, the individual. A very hard and difficult journey that we all need to do because nothing is the same for no one. So that’s the important thing in this note: Meeting people, colleagues, different points of view discovering the hot stuff of this important concept named “pain”, that may help each other for the ones that are out there searching for what is common for many people which is: getting better.

Five years ago, I started a treatment method in a Hospital which is no more than the bases of what physical therapy is. It makes the patients feel better and more comfortable with what they apparently present as a “limitation”. And it’s curious because sometimes we forget the first things we learn, the start of the first book we read, the first day we meet a patient, the first words they say, and I think that sometimes there we could find the cure we search for. We never end something, we are just students every time, we learn and learn. We adapt, and we evolve. And that’s where I am, searching for more.

I’ve been following Lars Avemarie since a couple of years ago, and the perspective that he has about PT is what amazes me and for sure many of you. Emphatic is one of the most favorite words of the last 5 years in the world I’m pretty sure about it, and that’s what I feel with him, with David Schmidt that has been the principal help and the leader of my trip to Switzerland. I’m traveling half the world to be with you all and to know the best from the best, and to be a helpful person to be the light in the dark, to discover the pain, for them, the people.

I have a very special phrase, it’s something that has been following me for the last 10 years maybe more, I share it with my beloved ones, with the people who search for me in the clinic: “Ve más allá de lo que ves” (see beyond  what you see).

Jorge Ramón Jiménez